How Face In The Crowd Are Selling Atmosphere and Supporting our Clubs

We have been working closely with sport cut-out company, Face In The Crowd, to bring the fans back to the stadium in a non-physical way. The team at Data Image have spent the past few months designing, producing and delivering high-quality, weather-resistant correx cut outs to a variety of clubs across the Football League.

Sport is at the heart of our community. Be it leisure or competitive, it brings communities together and creates bonds. Sport acts as a driving force for many individuals; the chance to support a team/person through the shared love of the sport. Which is why the sporting community have been largely affected by COVID-19. Not just the clubs across a multitude of sports but us, the fans.

Social distancing is now systematically in place for the foreseeable future and sports being played behind closed doors; Face In The Crowd provides fans the opportunity to continue to actively support their team from inside the venue with our loyal fan visuals. Above all, affording clubs and organisations some options when stadia may become partially open.

We are committed to supporting sports organisations. With implementing social distancing measures as fans return to the stadiums following the easing of lockdown restrictions with our appropriate signage and safety measures, our partnership with Face In The Crowd has made this possible.

What We’ve Done

Having already worked closely with retail organisations and distribution centres following the reopening of non-essential shops earlier this year; our talented team have first-hand experience in implementing indoor and outdoor signage; information displays; floor graphics; screens and sanitation stations and are now using this experience to assist the team at Face In The Crowd.

Face In The Crowd have benefitted from the technology that Data Image have to offer. The machinery and software technology is totally unique to this market. We have developed software that makes the journey from purchase to installation seamless. Providing superb communication, safeguarding and follow up.


The machinery used for our loyal fan visuals includes the world’s first robotic-cutting bed and a collective machinery cost of over £1,000,000. Therefore using cutting-edge technology that is exclusive to Face In The Crowd thanks to their partnership with Data Image; we have enabled them to offer the highest-quality product with impressive turnaround time frames at a very appealing and competitive cost.

Working directly with Face In The Crowd to produce all products in-house, including our loyal fan visuals, floor graphics and signage to promote social distancing, provides both companies with a unique edge in terms of safeguarding, communication and personalisation compared other companies offering a similar service.

We’ve had coverage on ITV News, BBC Sport and now we’re taking social media by storm. To find out more about FaceInTheCrowd, visit our Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

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We have been working closely with sport cut-out company, Face In The Crowd, to bring the fans back to the stadium in a non-physical way. The team...

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