Data Image Go Green!

Hello there everyone, welcome to our first-ever blog! By now you’ve seen our rebrand, what do you think? The whole team love it and we think it perfectly sums up what we do here at Data Image. Whether you’re an existing client, a new client or just having a browse; our website has been designed to be the bridge between us and you. Our blog will be a regular feature as part of the website. Therefore, make sure you keep your eyes peeled and check back frequently!

Our Rebrand

Having undergone some very big changes, we’ve been pretty busy here in Leicester for the past few months. However, most of the big changes we’ve undergone have been to grow and take the business from strength-to-strength. From hiring apprentices and graduates across the Midlands, to creating brand-new marketing and HR departments; we’ve been growing endlessly. Although somewhere along the way, we realised that we we’ve been doing all of this exciting stuff, but we had nobody to share our excitement with!

You may have heard about some of these changes, but you also may not… How does a company go about telling their clients about exciting new changes? After all, our clients are busy people so when we get a chance to sit down and talk to them, it’s their project that we want to talk about, not us. However, a brand-new logo and website later, we must seem like a brand-new company! Although those of you that know us know that we are far from a new company, in fact we’ve been in the print industry for 27 years. Pioneering print and constantly growing, now it’s time that we get to share our success with you.

In with the new, out with the old, or so the saying goes… Typically when rebranding, companies try to focus solely on the future in order to move forward but here at Data Image looking back was pivotal for our rebrand campaign. Having been around for over 27 years, as a company we definitely know a thing or two about print. Infact, we’re known as industry innovators which over time has led to us being a valued development site for leading hardware, software, material and consumable manufacturers and it’s our wealth of experience that led to us becoming the company we are today.

Going Green

This new rebrand of Data Image is a tribute to the company’s rich heritage and history while also looking ahead to the future and the growth of the company. In fact, our new logo incorporates elements from one of our previous logos to show our growth within the industry! Our branding change to green is in honour of our mission to make the print industry a more sustainable industry as we believe it’s our corporate social responsibility to use our reputation to drive sustainability within print with eco-friendly products and services. This rebrand campaign is a testament to the company’s plans moving forward. Plus, our brand-new logo is a symbolic reference to the three core elements of Data Image, our mission, our values and our people.

Meet the Team

When browsing our website, be sure to check out our Meet the Team section, where you can find out more about our highly skilled management team that we have here at Data Image. With a team of over 60 individuals, we love what we do, and we want you to love what we do, too! When it comes to results and quality, don’t just take our word for it… Take a look at our case studies to see some examples of our work over the past few years and then you’ll really understand that what we do is unique.

We’re also on social media now under the handle @dataimagegroup. Updating regularly on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. We’re more than print, we’re Data Image.


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