The Rise of YouTube Unboxing Videos

We all know that PR packages and influencers go together like bread and butter so it’s no surprise that unboxing videos have sparked a rise in interest in past decade. Now, one in every five consumers interviewed by Google has watched an unboxing video. When combined with the rise of nano influencers and micro influencers; brands now have an opportunity to capitalise on the popularity of this type of video.

What is an unboxing video?

Unboxing videos show the content creator (usually the owner of the YouTube channel) unboxing a delivery. These range from electrical products reviewed by vloggers like Unbox Therapy, to toy products reviewed by younger vloggers like Ryan Toys Review.

How does this relate to the print industry?

Unboxing videos are created to fuel excitement and buzz around the unboxing of a new product. However, there is nothing less exciting than seeing a plain box take up your device’s screen. Why are brands only focusing on the inside of the box? Especially when they could be showcasing their brand identity on the outside.

We regularly design and manufacture boxes for clients to showcase a product. We believe that brands are missing an opportunity to use eco-friendly, sustainable materials to create a fun design that resonates with their brand to create even more of a buzz during the unboxing of a new product.

How can your brand use print to elevate a packaging box?

With a variety of materials to choose from, we have options for direct and indirect printing; dependant on the kind of finish you’re after. The design can be tailored entirely to your brand and could even be personalised for the receiver. This is especially helpful if you’re designing and creating packaging as part of an influencer marketing campaign! Set your product out from the rest.

 Why choose Data Image?

Whether you want a flood colour or a bespoke design tailored to your brand, anything is possible. We are able to use eco-friendly latex inks to print your designs onto a bespoke box that unlike many corporate boxes, will be designed to fit your products perfectly giving you more bang for your buck with our lean manufacturing methods.

Our Research and Development Manager, Garry, is also our resident 3D designer and can create a box based on your exact needs and requirements. We are able to provide you with the full service from design all the way through to print and delivery.

If you want to know more about how Data Image can help your brand take an innovative step into the realm of unboxing videos then get in contact with the team by either emailing, calling or dropping us a message on our Live Chat. We’re more than print, we’re Data Image.

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